worry that never forgets
a sleep in stink
sleeves rolled up and ready
while hammering
the bums

“The Poem that Took Over the World.”

beard and smear
the pregnant swirling ankle
her recoil
from the famous snake

and thought oozes
its ancient mischief

you dirty bird

trouble at home

asked my mother if
she had bore me—
perhaps Oedipus just showed up
with a copy of my
birth certificate

Oedipus picks up this bric-a-brac up at garage sales.

That’s the way Oedipus collects—bric-a-brac.

insects at the window

My Freud always seemed to think that the poor were the problem. Let them live on peanut butter, rice, and government cheese. Let them work until they die. He always claimed to have grown up poor, raised in an orphanage after his parents died. But why this hate for the poor? Marx didn’t really hate them—he’d be glad to help them, and he often did. I've haven't really helped anybody, but Oedipus is not angry. Not at the rich or the poor, but Oedipus is starting to wonder. I told him to wonder.


containing all I’m
the sleeping sack of what

stringy AquaLung snot

My Freud always believed that the poor believed the government owed them something. The government does not owe you anything? Even if you're its soldier? Seems strange to think that the richest country in the world need be stingy. You didn’t earn your Happy Meal! Who is this Marx? We don’t want to support bums! Bastards! No good for unproductive people? Unproductive people are no good.

The moon is made of cheese.



I don’t want to be productive.

Laius is wearing a dress. Young Jocasta in a Pasolini film. Perhaps my facts are wrong. Don’t trust them. Let me tell you that my lies are Socratic.

The Wehrmacht stages its disciplinary hearings with the background noise provided by Wagner and an all girl chorus is reading The Republic.

But Oedipus thinks it’s the rich that are the root of all evil. Well, at least a lot of unnecessary suffering. Do you ever see easements on their property? Eminent domain applies to?

My Electra always worked for the rich. The government always owed them—after all, they paid for the political campaigns that got the right people elected. Rich people can be really nice too--or really nasty. See my lawyer! My daddy's __________.

In this regard, my Freud and Oedipus were somewhere in the middle. My Freud admires rich people. So does my Electra. Oedipus tends to think they're lucky.

Who’s your bitch?

But does it make sense to make a religion of work?

Someone in class submits a paper titled, “Fuzz, Trim, and the Theology of Capital.”

Someone else remembers “Arbeit Macht Frei”? Oedipus asks, why?

Toil! But it’s not easy these days to do day labor unless you want to find one of those corners where the work van comes by. Hablo espańol?

Oedipus think of that Steve Martin sketch of the famous beggar—alas, the richest man in the world. How likely we are to give up everything for a man in a suit and a limousine. Now, it’s internet porn and eye candy.

chlorinated poolboy loves babysitter
categorization of ketchup, food group

slinky sheets

Perhaps you could help me with my outline. Refer me to a job placement agency. My wife says Oedipus needs to go on a diet.

spandex from the late 1970s, aerobics TV
like a serial killer with a movie collection

Do you hear the bottles
As they clink and clang

I keep the picture in the child seat
With my things
The last wife and family
In the picture frame

expects the Spanish Inquisition.
Monty Python
Eastern Front

Conserve or destroy, overeat, gorge, diet, binge, purge. Riot!

  1. Dietary habits
a) Preventing inflation by wasting surplus. Think Thorstein Veblen and conspicuous consumption; think Georges Bataille and excess.

Oedipus tries not to drink my shake. Oedipus turns to dump it in the toilet.

b) Preventing starvation. An excuse to eat everything. The days of SuperSizing.
c) Health with taste.
The Bible on choice of meals. Benjamin Franklin’s Autobiography. Conserve. Chastity not an option. The Medley, Music, and Where’s the Sex?
d) No Kinderloesung. Breeder of sinners.
  2. Supply and Demand (Imaginary Production)
a) Generating hunger.
b) Fast food.
c) Microwaveable.
d) Just add water.
  3. Sample the world ( DisneyWorld : Epcot).
  4. Show interest?
  5. War. The economic need for war.
  6. How many naked women can Oedipus find on the internet?

Why can’t Oedipus grow a beard. Balding? That’s another problem.

Supply and demand as imaginary?

smile teLeVision

Klink’s single bullet
soy in our burritos

chicken-fried Principal’s Committee —
with her job in the office, oh my—

legs up to here—