The cool dripping grass
of modernity
sweeps me high
and I lost the umbrella I was holding.
Heís not an agent,
heís the agent.
He asked if I liked the rain
and I responded that I loved it.
It changes, as we sweep East and you move West;
you are happy
and that is why
I sit under waterfalls for you
grading nothing, comparing nothingó
what is comparison?óWhat?ó
When I am looked at by you?

For All Those I Ever Owned

I purchased a Rubens
because I thought it was the most lovely thing Iíd ever seen
because I thought it looked like a Raphael.
And then, after all that money,
I held the Rubens in my arms
and saw imperfection after imperfection.
I am such a fool, a coward, sledgehammer and knife.
I left the Rubens outside a Detroit library,
carefully wrapped with small ribbon.
I canít, I canít
I canít own the Rubens
because all I want is the Raphael.
I should have known,
I never want them for them, only for their similarity to him.
Their water in my mouth runs dry
but one spark from him and I am wet forever.